CALL ALFRED ON04 421 5819


CALL ALFRED ON04 421 5819


If you’re in an accident, we’re here for you


Alfred will be sure to be here when you need him most. Accordingly, if you’re in an accident, get in touch with us so we know you are ok and we can help you through your claims process. Our strong relationships with our providers means we can often get things done faster than market practice, and we have lots of experience making sure claims are paid quickly and your hire car is ready for you. Learn more: What is our role when you have an accident?

Since we know the procedures, we only need the bare minimum requirements: we understand that the process might appear stressful and we want to make things as easy for you as possible. Let us delight you with our service at the time when you need it most.

In case of accident

Alfred’s claims team leader: Mustaque Ahamed


Phone: 04 421 5819

Mobile: 0561859171

Find out information about car repairs and garages here

If you’re in an accident, try to do the following things:

– take photos of the scene and damage

– make sure you know where you are; look for road signs and landmarks

– if anyone’s injured, call the ambulance immediately, and inform the police

– see if anyone saw what happened, and try to gather names

What sort of claim would you like to report?

– car claim

– life claim

– medical claim or request for reimbursement

– home claim

– travel claim – medical or otherwise

– yacht claim

– motorbike claim

– golf claim (even a hole in one!)

– business claims

Helpline numbers of few insurers:

  • AXA: 800 4845
  • AIG: 800 8181
  • RSA: 800 277478
  • SALAMA: 800 725262
  • AFNIC: 800 4900
  • NEW INDIA: 800 4101
  • NGI: 800 09730222